Dream Asian Wedding Venues Locations in the UK featuring a colourful Asian Wedding at Ditton Manor


Spectacular Asian Wedding Venues in

In the South East of England, we’re privileged to boast some of the finest Asian Wedding Venues available in the UK.

These exquisite properties are designed to turn your wedding into a grand spectacle, an unforgettable experience steeped in tradition & elegance.

Your dream wedding deserves a dream wedding venue, and we’ve got just the place for you.

From lush gardens to palatial banquet halls, our venues offer the perfect backdrop for your special day.

From small and intimate to large and magnificent we have a venue type to perfectly match your Dream Asian Wedding expectations.

With unmatched hospitality and attention to detail, our venues ensure that every Asian wedding is nothing short of superb and we welcome you to view our Asian Wedding Venues below.

Dream Asian Wedding Venues UK featuring Easthampstead Park Hotel in Wokingham

Easthampstead Park Berkshire

What makes Easthampstead Park stand out?

The sublime fusion of historic charm & modern amenities are a highlight at Easthampstead Park. Encompassed within 80 magnificent acres of gorgeous gardens and grounds, the venue’s striking architectural features, include ornate fireplaces, Grand Hallways & Sweeping Staircases.
There’s a real sense of impressive grandeur and romance here, while the properties contemporary facilities ensure a seamless Asian Wedding Experience here in Berkshire.

Dream Asian Wedding Venues UK featuring Villiers Hotel in Buckingham

Villiers Hotel Buckingham

What makes Villiers hotel stand out?

In the heart of Buckingham, Villiers Hotel is a historic gem that serves as an ideal venue for an Asian Wedding. Our 17th century former coaching inn provides a rich history & charismatic charm. This blend of tradition & sophistication can really make your wedding truly memorable. The hotel’s grand Ballroom, a splendid space with beautiful chandeliers, high ceilings, and full-length windows, can accommodate up to 180 guests. It provides the perfect canvas for you to create a dazzling setting in line with your cultural traditions and personal style.

Dream Asian Wedding Venues featuring Ditton Manor in Berkshire

Ditton Manor Berkshire

What makes Ditton Manor stand out?

Ditton Manor with its unique blend of historic allure & modern elegance, is a dream come true for couples looking for a perfect Asian Wedding Venue. Our stunning property, nestled in a sprawling 54-acre parkland, offers a distinctive setting that’ll transform your wedding into a timeless, grand affair.

Whether you’re drawn by the history, the stunning surroundings, or our commitment to service, Ditton Manor stands as a quintessential choice for your Asian Wedding.

Dream Asian Wedding Venues UK featuring Gorse Hill Hotel in Surrey

Gorse Hill Surrey

What makes Gorse Hill stand out?

Gorse Hill, nestled in the tranquil Surrey countryside, exudes charm and elegance, setting the perfect stage for an Asian Wedding. Our Edwardian mansion, surrounded by 17 acres of beautiful gardens, offers a stunning backdrop for your celebration. The properties ornate architecture blends seamlessly with nature, creating a magical setting.

The manor provides versatile event spaces to match your needs. From the cosy Boardroom to the lavish Garden Suite, each area serves as an ideal canvas for your Asian Wedding celebration.

Dream Asian Wedding Venues UK featuring the King Suite in Berkshire

The King Suite Berkshire

What makes The King Suite stand out?

Our newest Asian Wedding Venue, the King Suite, os located within the grounds of Easthampstead Park in Berkshire.
This is a bespoke venue designed specifically for Asian weddings with modern spaces that radiate sophistication and elegance, offering a grand setting that beautifully complements the traditional charm and vibrancy of Asian celebrations.

Surrounded by the tranquil beauty of Easthampstead Parks 80 acres, the King Suite offers a captivating blend of nature and architecture, providing an enchanting backdrop for your wedding day.